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Your neighborhood shop for safe and trustworthy hemp and CBD and Delta products. We are family-owned and operated. Bringing you carefully curated, premium, tested hemp and CBD and Delta products. We care deeply about providing you safe and reputable products that you feel good about taking home to your family.

About our products

Hemp and CBD come in many different forms. From tincture (oil) to topicals (direct to skin) to flower (the plant itself) to many options in between. If you are interested in trying CBD for the first time, or if you are interested in expanding or changing your current CBD regimen, we are here to help. All of our products and brands must pass strict company quality standards. We’ve done the hemp “background check” for you, to ensure you are getting a safe premium product. So have fun shopping! Try new things and see what works best for you.

Our Delta products are a fun, exciting way to experience cannabis legally! Available in varieties of Delta-8 & Delta-9, these recreational products range from edibles, smokables, and sips for all user levels. Stop by our boutique showrooms and learn more from our experienced staff. *Must be 21 to purchase any Delta product.

Featured Products

Wyld Broad Spectrum CBD Gummies
Wyld Broad Spectrum CBD Gummies

Wyld CBD has cultivated its flavors over the ...

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Nimo Delta-8 Gummies
Nimo Delta-8 Gummies

Nimo Nutrition Gummies contain 10mg of Delta-...

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Realize Live Resin Delta-9 Gummies
Realize Live Resin Delta-9 Gummies

These live resin Realize gummies are fast-act...

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The Rose & Hemp seal of approval

Bringing you a high-quality and safe product is the core of our company. We have set a simple yet strict criteria for all our CBD products. This is our Seal of Approval, and first step in building your trust with our shop products.

US grown hemp

Pesticide free + non-GMO

Pure extraction process

Third party testing

Certificate of Analysis provided

COA validation

Independent review of tests for potency levels, moisture, and toxins

The Rose & Hemp oil

The Rose & Hemp CBD oil is premium, safe, and trusted. It is made with US grown hemp, locally and organically grown in Colorado. Certificates of Analysis available for every bottle. Always.

You can choose from Full Spectrum or Broad Spectrum (THC-free) CBD oil. Broad Spectrum available in 450mg, 900mg, and 1350mg strengths. Full Spectrum available in 600mg, 900mg, and 1500mg strengths. Orange Bliss, Tranquil Mint, or Natural flavors. Pet oil available too!

A consistent and regular CBD regimen is critical to realizing its full healing potential, and the core to a happy and healthy CBD experience. CBD oil tincture is one of the best ways to achieve this. 


About CBD

CBD stands for Cannabidiol, and is a naturally-occurring component found in the Cannabis plant. CBD does not get you “high”, and is being found to have a multitude of positive health benefits for humans and their pets. Industrial hemp is rich in CBD and contains less than 0.3% THC. In December 2018, hemp was federally legalized with the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, and hemp-derived CBD products are now legal in all 50 states. Hooray!

Health Benefits of CBD

CBD is a natural supplement that works with your own body to reduce inflammation and protect neurons and cells where there are CBD receptors. CB1 receptors are concentrated in the brain, central nervous system, connective tissues, glands and organs. CB2 receptors are found in peripheral organs (skin, muscles) and the immune system. Since CBD receptors are all over our bodies, health benefits can span many things. Common benefits include relief from pain, anxiety, depression, stress, insomnia, epilepsy, and inflammatory disorders.


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