Hemp Flower – CBD and CBG Strains


The Rose & Hemp CBD Flower strains are tried and true customer favorites. All our CBD flower is high-quality grown in USA, and is third-party lab tested for safety and cannabinoid potency. Farmed from Colorado, Oregon and North Carolina farms. Available in 1 gram, 3.5 grams, 7 gram or 14 grams.

    • Jack Frost (CBG)21.82% CBG, 0.25% Delta-9 THC. Common Effects: Anti-inflammatory, Nerve Pain Relief, Anti-carcinogenic. Highly concentrated CBG. Good for pain and nerve conditions.
    • Legendary OGNEW! 19.3% CBD, 0.07% Delta-9 THC. Indica dominant. Common Effects: Uplifting, Stress/anxiety relief, Depression/PTSD relief, Pain relief.
    • Northern LightsNEW! 20.74% CBD, 0.6% Delta-9 THC. Indica dominant. Common Effects: Euphoria, Relaxing, Depression relief, Insomnia relief.
    • Sour Space Candy16.7% CBD, 0% Delta-9 THC. Sativa dominant. Common Effects: Uplifting, Creative, Social.
    • Special Sauce17.26% CBD, 0% Delta-9 THC. Indica dominant. Common Effects: Relaxing, Creativity, Pain relief.

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