Hemp Flower – THCa

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The Rose & Hemp THCa flower* is sure to provide you with a wonderful smoking experience that will delight your senses. This premium flower is harvested from Oregon and California farms. All flower is third-party lab tested for safety and cannabinoid potency. Available in 1 gram ($15), 3.5 grams ($45), 7 grams ($75) or 14 grams ($135).

    • Apple Fritter – 22.63% THCA (23.78% total cannabinoids). Sativa dominant. Known for its powerful and energizing effects, with nods to its Sour Apple and Animal Cookies lineage. Be prepared for feeling giggly, tingly and happy, and enjoy a smooth and earthy flower that is energizing without being overwhelming.
    • Hawaiian 5.0 – 20.83%  (23.09% total cannabinoids). Sativa dominant. With famous genetics like Skunk and Northern Lights this primo bud can’t go wrong. Bursting with fruity, spicy terpenes, get the giggles and munchies as you take in the breezy crisp and sweet profile and flavors like muffins, grapes, and tropical fruit.
    • Mochi Berry – 18.09% THCA  (19.17% total cannabinoids). Indica dominant. Great for relaxed creativity and rejuvenation. This potent strain brings the powerful, full-body effects that you expect and an elevating swell for cerebral energy and a free state of mind.
    • Sunday Driver – 19.15% THCA  (21.10% total cannabinoids). Indica dominant. Lineage from Fruity Pebbles and Cherry Pie that has a sweet and sour tropical berry flavor. The euphoric effects will make you happy when you’re stressed and will help you chill as the deep relaxation sets in.
    • Yoda’s Breath – 23.12% THCA (24.03% total cannabinoids). Indica dominant. Brings focus and calm to the mind, and a rich flavor profile to the tastebuds. Crisp citrus notes and smells of light gas and honey rise from the terpenes. Deep flavor, potent effects and beautiful color and trichomes. Deep calm and body relaxing effects are great for bed time or daydream time. Yoda knows.


*Notice to THCa Consumers: Warning! Must be 21 years old to purchase. This product contains hemp-derived THCa. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Do not use if you are or might be pregnant or breastfeeding. Do not operate machinery, drive a car or otherwise do anything where motor function is a requirement for safety. This product causes intoxication, and more than likely will cause you to fail a THC-based drug test.


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